Manifest Your Life

Manifesting With Crystals

Crystals are not just beautiful items to admire.

They are also powerful tools for self care and healing.

If you’re looking to enhance your spiritual journey, reduce stress, or improve your overall well-being, crystals can be an excellent addition to your self care routine.

By learning about the unique properties of various crystals, you can find the perfect one to support your intentions.

Whether you are drawn to the calming energies of amethyst, the grounding power of black tourmaline, or the uplifting properties of citrine, there’s a crystal out there to suit your needs.

So why not take a few moments to explore the world of crystals?

You might just discover a new way to take care of yourself.

 Abalone Shell is a lovely calming energy to work with. It enhances Psychic Awareness and Intuition. Great for Auric Cleansing and removing cords from the Auric field. Dispels negativity and promotes positive change on all levels. It helps break through energy blockages and promotes energy flow. It is great for bonding and friendship. It brings emotional balance and helps alleviate hurt and insecurities from the past. Promotes good dreams and helps with insomnia. Abalone Shell is also great for past life recall and allowing positive changes to be made in this lifetime. It resonates strongly with the Crown Chakra and helps us connect with Spirit and our guides.

The Law Of Attraction

Crystals Change The Frequency Of Your
Subconscious Mind

... vIA The Law Of Entrainment


Money Is The Life Fuel
To Western Living

Self Care/Self Love

Your Body Is The Magnet
Your Power

The Power Of Learning

The Power Of Learning

We Read
What We Need

Repeat After Us: "I Am Human And I Have A Subconscious Mind"

Repeat After Us:
"I Am Human And I Have A
Subconscious Mind"

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